3 Day Unleashing Challenge

Learn how to Identify and Get Rid of What is Holding you Back! 

...fast, effectively, and permanently

Learn the SECRETS on how to start making changes in your life faster and easier

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Are you struggling in your life?

So may out there are stuck in their life and / or business.

Not being able to take the actions they would like to...

Struggling with procrastination, overwhelm, perfectionism, being stuck, loss of focus or clarity, negativity, impostor syndrome, stress, anxiety, etc?
There is so much info out there, you don't know where to start...

That is why I decided to together this Free 3 days challenge, to help you start understanding how the mind works, and how to start making changes.

We came up with a much better way to start reprogramming your subconscious mind.

About Tommy Walker - The Mind Engineer

Passionate about Inspiring and Helping you Empower yourself

Tommy comes from a failed marriage and many failed businesses. He was stuck, playing it small for many years of his life.

In 2009 he was tired and decided to invest to change his life. He hired a coach / mentor that helped him change his life.

He married again, and has been happily married for 11 years now. He has created 2 successful businesses, by learning the correct tools to overcome the challenges by focusing mainly on the mindset.

He was been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and has studied and worked on the mind for over 13 years.

He has reached over +120 thousand of people and has been invited to offer lectures around the world.

He started another business, that is doing 6 figures.

He is now living his dream life, living with his wife and kids in the mountains. 

He has combined the best practices out there in the world and developed Rapid Subconscious Reprogramming™ combining coaching, neuroscience, therapy, inner child connection, self-awareness, and emotional intelligence.

96% of the people that work with Tommy, start feeling and experiencing some changes in the first couple of weeks.

What is included in the Recordings?

Day 1
How the Mind works, why it might be working against us, and how to start accessing the subconscious mind to make changes faster and easier.
We shared our amazing elite morning formula, to start exercising your mind every day.
We talked about relationships, mainly our own relationship.
Day 2
We talked about money and abundance, and how the universe works.
What The Secret of the Law of Attraction Coaches are not telling you...
We worked on identifying our negative, false, and limiting beliefs around money and abundance.

Day 3
We talked about the entrepreneur mindset.
A high percentage of entrepreneurs quit within the first couple of years. This has to do with the wrong mindset and also following the wrong path.
I shared a better path to help you with your business growth.

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